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Nowadays, a photo has become the best way to show our favorite moments. With one click, you can capture every moment in your camera and save it in a memory card or on a hard drive which allows you to keep them forever. With this, it becomes so easy to share your memorable memories with others through the web, social networking sites, or any other media.

Here are a few types of photography that you need to know to become an expert like DavidPaul Doyle Naturwise.

  1. Street Photography: – It is one of the creative types in the list of Best Types Of Photography. In this type, spectators capture photos in public places without being noticed by anyone else except the photographer himself. But for this type of photography, you need some practice because it is more difficult than other forms of photography.
  2. Abstract Photography: – It is one of the creative photos which are not easy to capture. This kind of photo gives you freedom to create your own world with imagination and creativity without following traditional rules. One has to follow his/her instincts to capture the best abstract photo.
  3. Candid Photography: – In this type of photography, you have to take shots without being noticed by anyone else. It is very interesting because it makes the photographer work with ease and creativity where he can concentrate on his object or person without disturbance by others.
  4. Fine Art Photography: – In this type of photo, you have to make your own rules as there is no need to follow anyone. It means that a photographer can take photos on his or her own choice and style without influencing from anyone.
  5. Portraiture Photography: – In this type of photography, a person capture photos of others, photographing a single subject in a controlled way.
  6. Wildlife Photography: – To capture photos of wild animals is a difficult task, but wildlife photographer takes it as a challenge and makes his best effort to make the life of these animals better by capturing them on camera for public awareness.
  7. Food Photography: – It’s one of the different types of photography which depicts photos of delicious foods and tasty items in a very tempting way. One can make his mouth to water by seeing these types of photos.
  8. Urban Exploration Photography: – It is one of the Best Types Of Photography that depicts photos taken in abandoned places or industrial sites, especially where there are no people around except the photographer himself. The purpose behind doing this is to show the present state of these places.
  9. Conceptual Photography: – In this type of photography, no boundaries exist, which means that objects, scenes, techniques, or even the camera itself are not limited. It gives the photographer an opportunity to use their creativity and imagination so as to create something new without any obstruction from anyone else.
  10. Abstract Expressionism Photography: – In this type of photography, you have to be creative and follow your instincts. It is difficult because every photo has two sides which are positive as well as negative both. It is a bit complicated, but it is very interesting.

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