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Attending Colleges like San Francisco Bay University has been proven to provide a lifetime of benefits. Here are ten reasons why it is important for everyone, regardless of background, to go to college and finish!

  1. Go to college to get a better job – Did you know that graduating from college can potentially double your salary? Graduates are in more demand than ever as the economy has moved from a manufacturing to a service industry.
  2. Go to college to get ahead in life – Generally, Americans who have not completed high school are less wealthy, successful, and healthy, while a higher number are unemployed, lack health insurance, and live below the poverty line.  Finishing high school and college dramatically improves your ability to get ahead.
  3. Get prepared for tomorrow’s workforce – Today’s jobs require a college degree and the time to get it is now.
  4. Time is not on your side – There are many students who do not go to college because they feel as though they will never get in or they do not have the time. Actually, there are many different paths to get into college, including advanced placement credits and community college courses that can earn you a year of credit hours.
  5. College opens doors not available to high school graduates – By attending college, you will receive opportunities that usually only the white-collar workforce receives, such as job networking, continuing education, seminars, and business networking opportunities.
  6. Make your dream a reality – Many people’s dreams are to have a college degree or to finally finish that last course they need. The road to success starts with the first step of applying to college!
  7. Don’t miss out on other life choices – High school graduates are often at the mercy of their parents because they no longer have the opportunities that college offers. By attending college, you will be able to move out and learn to become more responsible for yourself.
  8. Give yourself choices – If you go to college, you will gain the greatest gift of all…yourself. The education, experience, and confidence gained will give you the tools to take on any challenge thrown your way.
  9. Increase your knowledge – Learning something new teaches you life skills that will be invaluable later on.
  10. Gain skills and knowledge needed to get a job – Although it is possible to get a job with just a high school diploma, many employers require that you have some type of additional education or experience to even be considered. By attending college, you will gain the skills needed to stand out in the crowd!

The benefits of attending college are plentiful. From advancing your career goals to making more money and accomplishing your goals, a higher education might be just what you need to take your life to the next level. So, why not take the next step? It’s time to open your future up to endless possibilities. And at SFBU, we are here to help you do just that. Give yourself an advantage and apply to college!

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