Can You Order a Birth Certificate Online?

When looking for Florida birth certificates, you’ll come across the different options. However, as more and more people are aware that they can order online, it’s becoming less common to call the office in person or even go there yourself. Since you now know that you can order them from home, is it still possible?

The Process of Ordering

It involves ordering through a website. It’s as easy as ordering almost anything else online, and the turnaround time is pretty quick, too. While it may be possible to walk into an office and place your order in person, you’ll likely only receive the certificate after weeks or months have gone by.

Because of this reason, it’s widespread for people to choose to go through VitalChek, which is an online resource. It makes the process much more convenient, without any sacrifices to security or accuracy.

Since so many people order birth certificates online through these resources, it’s only reasonable to assume that you might have questions about how to do so. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What Is VitalChek?

A: VitalChek is a company that specializes in online ordering for different types of records. They are the only service licensed to sell Florida birth certificates directly to consumers so that you can trust them with your purchase. It means there are no third parties involved, which helps to ensure security and accuracy.

Q: What Does It Cost?

The fee for ordering an official copy of a Florida birth certificate is $27 for each one called.

Q: Ways to Save Money?

Yes, since the $27 includes the cost of processing the order, you can save money by arranging for expedited processing. There are two options – one-day processing and same-day processing. Both of these will speed up the time it takes to get a copy of your birth certificate in your hands. You can even choose overnight delivery if you’d prefer that option as well!

Q: How Quickly Can You Get a Copy?

It takes about ten days for processing, and when you receive it by mail. However, the expedited options will get one of your birth certificates to you within a week or even sooner than that! You can also specify how soon you need it, and they do their best to meet your needs.

Q: How Do You Place an Order?

A: The process is simple. You go to their website, create a user account if you don’t have one already, and when you log in and follow the prompts to order your certificate. It will include any extras you’d like to order, such as extra copies.

Q: Can You Do This for Anyone Else?

A: Yes! VitalChek makes it possible to order birth certificates for other people. They can also help with marriage licenses and death records too. All you have to do is follow the same steps, input the person’s information, and they’ll take care of the rest. It is a great way to help someone else get what they need.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to ordering birth certificates online, there are few better options than VitalChek. They offer all the convenience of getting what you need without compromising your security or privacy.

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