Feng Shui Business Card Tips

For a lot of, feng shui business cards tips offer invaluable tool to bolster marketing efforts and business results.

Business cards with higher feng shui can increase profits in addition to get more clients, better employees and ideal mentors. However, cards with bad feng shui, can make more pressure than normal, frustration, unforeseen problems and hard obstacles.

Feng shui concepts bring essential harmony and good balance to your business cards design. How?

Good feng shui business cards and emblem design take these important rules into account:

1. Concepts of Yin and Yang

Most effective and powerful companies work consistent with nature’s concepts. If you wish to bring more harmony and success to your business, you have to apply Yin and Yang concepts for your cards and emblem design. For example, Yin and Yang Balancing principle advises that for things or individuals to operate in their perfect order, they ought to be in balance. You have to avoid conflict by any means. More harmony, including harmonious business cards and emblem designs, increase the value for your customers and business.

2. Personal element based on your birth date

Based on feng shui, our surrounding includes 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Personal element can be simply identified based on your birth date. For example, personal element for an individual born between The month of january 23, 1974 – Feb 10, 1075, is Wood Tiger.

3. Business element

Each specific kind of business features its own business element. For instance, should you operate in furniture or paper business, education, hospital or design studio your feng shui business element is Wood. Should you operate in real estate, financial, construction, accounting or funeral business, your business element is Earth.

4. Supporting and Weakening cycles of 5 elements

All 5 natural elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, interact through supporting or weakening cycle. Within the supporting cycle Wood fuels Fire, Fire makes Earth, Earth creates Metal, Metal holds Water and Water feeds Wood.

Balance involving the personal element and component of your business is important permanently feng shui business cards design. Furthermore, good mixture of elements can increase your luck and business success.

5. Shapes and colors

Each element is symbolized by certain shapes and colors. This is extremely helpful to understand when designing your personal good feng shui emblem shapes or selecting auspicious business cards colors. For example, component of Metal is symbolized by color white-colored, gold, bronze, chrome, silver and round shape.

Form of your element can further enable you to pick a qualified feng shui font type for the cards. For example, the character for metal font is round.

6. Keeping the key information

In which you place important business info on your business cards is vital for your success. For example, in case your name seems towards the bottom row of the cards, you shoulder lots of unnecessary stress and problems. You’re employed very difficult but see no positive gains.

Are you aware that the flow of cash inside your business is mainly based on the business cards the perception of the employees and purchasers people?

Should you question why profits team just hangs round the office and is not positive enough to obtain more sales, improve your business cards design. Never placed their names around the left hands side in the centre row from the business cards. It’s very unwanted effects around the overall business performance.

If you won’t want to spend over our limits of the valuable productive time and energy to battle invisible natural forces that may easily put obstacles and problems inside your way, use feng shui that will help you design the very best business cards and emblem for the business.

Every single day you need to do many remarkable items to enhance your business. If you want to produce strong, lucrative and effective business, while making the whole process simpler and much more enjoyable, make feng shui a part of your everyday existence. Your loved ones, business as well as your employees might thanks soon.

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