Finding the Right Kind of Shoe for Your Feet – Some Tips by The Podiatrist

Shopping for shoes is not an easy task. You will have to give importance to many factors while choosing a shoe for you. With the availability of so many varieties of shoes, you will surely find it difficult to choose one for you.

A podiatrist is an excellent option when it comes to choosing the best shoe for you. If you are a resident of Irvine and are looking for a podiatrist in Orange County, then you can just visit the webpage of Dr. Sima Soltani. Their expertise in the field can become an excellent guide for you to choose the right shoe. Visit their webpage to know more.

Finding the Right Shoe for You

Here are some of the tips that can help you find the right shoe for you, according to the podiatrists.

·       Heel counter / Stiff Back

Hold onto the shoe above the heel in one hand and the heel on the other. Now try to move the shoe in the side-to-side direction. If you feel like you can squash the heel or move the shoe above the heel around, then it is not good for you.

·       Removable insole

Orthotics is a kind of shoes that are suggested for some people with some ankle or foot issues. If you have been prescribed to wear orthotics, then find the one that comes with the easily removable insole. You can even wear them by placing them inside the shoe. However, podiatrist suggests going with such shoes that should not make your toe-curling or quite bigger.

·       A little bit of torque

Try and twist the show in the opposite direction by holding onto both the ends of the shoe. You should not find it easy to twist. Only shoes with a stable platform and medial stability can become the right choice for you.

·       Prevent Foot Issues

Some of the foot issues such as tendinitis, shin splints, etc., are caused because of wearing the wrong kind of shoes. Hence, look for such options that will make your feet feel relaxed and comfortable, rather than what looks good from the outside.

·       The Right Size

This is an important factor that you should consider while buying a pair of shoes for you, especially if you are an athlete or a sportsperson.

The best podiatrist Orange County suggests that if you visit any shoe shop, then it is suggested to take help from the staff working there. They are the best source to find the right shoe for your feet.

·       Forefeet or toe flexion

When you check a shoe, follow the idea of bending the shoe into the “V” form. If you feel like you can easily bend the shoe, then they are the ideal choice for you because they will blend with the shape of the feet while walking or while running or jogging.

All feet are not of the same kind and so is the shoe for the feet. The best way of finding the type of your feet is by wetting your feet and placing them on paper. Every podiatrist Irvine suggests finding a shoe that can make your feet feel more comfortable than suffocated or stuffed.

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