High Tech Haptics With Pressure Sensors – Some Killer Applications Considered

With present day haptics technologies a few of the potential applications later on are very astounding indeed. Although a lot of haven’t considered massive morphing technologies using haptics because the driver together with artificial intelligence schemes to propel optimum efficiency, well maybe they ought to?

One thought I’d was previously to obtain a pipeline, that really pressed the inside out and in to function water also it would make use of the pressure sensors to have the flow from the waves within the pipe, thus, manipulating the flow rate, even driving it uphill with no pump as you may know it today.

Still, I believed about Dual Boat Hulls or submarines, you can literally result in the skin from the vessel move using the water, thus, no friction and silent running at much greater speeds. At this time the united states Navy Subs need to remain at under 10 knots to operate totally silent.

Consider the worth to shipping companies, which are attempting to stay efficient, fuel is 50% of the costs oil tankers, cargo ships, even military ships.

One other issue we’re able to fix is aircraft that may perform at both everywhere speeds, with optimal co-efficient of drag. For example, when the winglets around the wing of the aircraft could move in line with the necessity of the air flow, according to relative wind and speed of aircraft. The wing itself would take information in the sensors and also have a man-made intelligent computer system driving the mechanism.

Morphing wings without any flaps or slats might have less exterior moving parts that induce unnecessary drag and may too easily fail. It seems these technology is currently available and totally underutilized thinking about the short paced high-tech world we reside in, think about this.

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