How to Pick your First Bike

A lot of people purchase their first bike based on sudden love for the ride or because their friends or family who ride have a specific type of bike brand. Some of those who are new to bikes may be overwhelmed by new terminology and end up getting something nearly at random. But, the better way is to be informed about your options and get a first bike that is appropriate for you.

Here are some tips to guide you:

Determine what you Want to Do with your Bike

If you ask any experienced rider what you must get for your first bike, they often tell you to consider what you want to do with it. The type of riding you plan to do determines the type of bike you must purchase. However, since you have not experienced a ride yet, you must think you want to do a solo, cross-country camping trip. However, once you get miles under your tyres, may make you realise it is better to take short rides with friends.

Choose the Right Type of Bike for You

The range of motorcycles on offer and ever-changing terminology can be confusing to a beginner. But, the basic considerations you may have is to get a bike that is lightweight, with neutral handling characteristics, with modest power and allows you to get both of your feet on the ground.

Here are some types of bikes you can choose from:

  • Cruisers. These bikes have been popularized by Harley-Davidson. They are relaxed rides are ideal for new riders because of their low seat height. But, their more extreme ergonomics make handling awkward. If you want this bike, consider a mid-displacement import cruiser. Check out inventaire de moto usagé at dealerships if you want to save money on this bike.
  • The majority of these bikes are lightweight. But, they have high power from the 600 cc and1, 000 cc models. Also, they have tallish seats and insuring them is not cheap. If you choose this type of ride, get the sportbike look in a range of smaller 300 cc bikes that you can more easily handle.
  • Naked or standard bikes. This type of bikes come with natural, neutral riding positions. They are more affordable to insure than other types. However, bigger models can be as powerful as the sportbikes they are related to. But, some makers of these bikes produce capable bikes that are not overwhelming to less experienced riders.
  • Dual sports bikes. These bikes are made for road and off-road rides. Smaller models are light in weight and may not suffer expensive damage in a tip-over. But, they often have tall seats.

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