Manifesting a Man’s Love Using the Law of Attraction

Love is universal. Yet, many of us yearn for the person we always wanted. If you want to find your dream partner, or want to attract someone into your life, the law of attraction can be useful. Knowing the law of attraction is obviously your first step. It simply means that when you surround yourself with positivity, you invite positive energy from the universe. A day when you are low and sad, you are sending negative energy, and the universe will respond in that manner. Think of positive things and send out appreciative vibrations, and the universe will tell how a man falls in love.

Being aware of your dreams

When you are trying to use the law of attraction to manifest love in your life, the first step is to be specific about what you want. Do you wish for someone who loves you back, or are you interested in a special person? If you have had bad relationships that didn’t work out, don’t dwell on the past. Instead, think of what each of these relationships have taught you. This will help have clarity what you want and what you don’t need in your life anymore. For instance, an ex who once cheated on you is a quick reminder that honesty is a real trait to seek in a man.

Write it down

There are people who believe that writing down your desires is a great way to have some level of clarity. Write about things that you definitely want in your partner. For example, you may wish for someone who is closer to your age. On the other hand, mention what you do not want. For instance, you don’t want to date anyone who is married. There is nothing right or wrong – it is all about being positive and sure of what works for you. A relationship with a married man may be right for someone else. The idea is to have positive affirmations, so that you can get good energies from the universe.

Don’t be hard on yourself

“Maybe I am not good enough.” “Maybe I don’t look beautiful enough to attract a man”. These are negative thoughts. When you loathe yourself, the universe hears it, and it works against the law of attraction. You have to be absolutely sure that you love yourself. In any case, if you cannot love yourself, how do you expect a man to do the same? It’s important to care and love yourself. Focus on affirmations that matter, think of the good things you have done, and how your presence makes a difference in lives of others.

Read more on law of attraction

There are many e-books that focus on manifesting love using the law of attraction. You may want to do your homework and read more. Most importantly, be happy and positive. Allow the good things to happen, because they are bound to happen when you believe in yourself. If you have any doubts, try and think of all things that you are appreciative of.

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