Online For Free Versus Hard Print Travel Guides

The travel publishing industry has known lots of changes over the past decades. When the other half from the twentieth century symbolized an excellent period for that travel books, nowadays we live within the digital era covered with online for free sources. Thus, sales around the traveling niche from the hard print market have constantly gone lower, while the amount of websites supplying free travel guides has elevated tremendously. Besides exactly what the your customers would argue, you will find benefits and drawbacks to both kinds of travel information.

Researched and updated information

Publishing houses representatives make use of this argument to be able to defend and sell their product. Indeed, behind any reliable travel book there’s a minumum of one year of research. Including visiting the suggested holidaymaker destinations, getting informed around the landmarks and things you can do, living the traveler’s experience, examining the accommodation, dining and visiting options and costs in addition to researching historic and cultural details. Regardless of the positive aspect (comprehensive information), there’s a drawback to any or all this: time spent with research and also the several weeks the publishing process takes. This could make the latest edition be outdated.

On the other hand, free travel guides printed via blogs and private websites don’t require a lot preparation time. His or her posts usually concentrate on a narrow aspect, the study time is significantly shorter. Furthermore, they may be printed inside a couple of minutes, when the content continues to be written.


There’s without doubt that these days an internet site or iPhone application is much more appealing to everyone than the usual hard cover book. Even though this is not really a positive phenomenon overall, manufacturers and distributors need to adapt themselves towards the contemporary consumers’ demands. Some publishing houses have understood this trend not long ago and also have bending their efforts. They still issue hard print destination guides, but they also have built highly informative and media enriched websites for his or her digital clients.

Credibility of recommendations

At this time, opinions go for both. You will find individuals travelers whose trust goes for the hard cover travel materials and you will find also individuals who decide to get their travel information online sources. As the first group argues that travel books are compiled by experts, the second one depend more about fellow travelers’ recommendations. Really, each side could be wrong.

To begin with, free travel guides available on the web are frequently published by a group of specialists originating from different fields and getting much talked about backgrounds. Next, opinions expressed on forums and blogs through the so-known as fellow travelers could be a disguised negative or positive marketing technique.

Therefore, there’s no straight response to this dilemma. Basically we must admit the authority of hard print travel books so we certainly acknowledge the impressive research efforts behind their creation, we must understand that free travel guides include their share of benefits. These come in an immediate they’re media-enriched they offer updated information at no cost they do not add weight to the backpack they include personal expertise really resided with a fellow traveler.

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