Pointers for a Stress-Free Condo Moving Experience

Moving into a high-rise condo from a detached home can be a very novel experience. There are several things that have to be looked into anew and it is likely that you can get overwhelmed by it all. But if you get things right then the moving can be a stress-free and exciting affair. Hiring one of the best condo movers in Toronto will help as they will take care of all details typical to moving into a condo. On your part too, there are some things to be borne in mind.

#Organizing efficiently is the key

You can organize and make a list of things to do even though you may not have fixed the final date for moving. Keep a timeline for all the tasks that will need to be done depending upon the date of your moving. Ensure that all information is put down in the list which is kept in an easily accessible place. If it is possible, pay a visit to the new place before the planned date and get it cleaned thoroughly. You can also jot down measurements of carpets and window sill at your new condo.

#Get to the packing early on

Packing can be an unpleasant task but get on to it well in advance. The dimensions and shapes of the cartons should be suited to the stuff you would be packing. The packing material should be of top quality; do not go for second hand stuff with a view to save money. Good quality packing material will guarantee the safety of your furniture and all other goods.

Do not forget to pack an emergency bag which can prove useful in case there is a delay in the transportation service or you are too tired to unpack stuff at your new accommodation. The emergency bag should include essential items such as easy to prepare food items, torch, cell chargers, a set of clothes of each family member, hand towel, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. Ensure that the emergency bag is labeled properly.

#De-clutter before packing

Clear out all unwanted stuff before you undertake your packing task. Invest some time in this exercise as this will eventually reduce your packing time and energy. You can decide to donate, sell or just discard the unwanted stuff.

#Use an easy to follow labeling system

Label all the cartons wisely. The labels on the boxes should indicate the key contents and the destined room of your new accommodation. The top and bottom of the carton should be specified through clear arrows. Cartons containing fragile items should be marked appropriately.


If you take care of the above aspects you are sure to have a stress-free condo moving experience. Getting the services of professional condo movers can save you a lot of trouble. Give yourself sufficient time to research into the relocation service providers in and around your area.

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