Role of a Brain Injury Lawyer in Claiming Financial Compensation

Brain injuries are one of the worst injuries that an individual can suffer. These injuries can completely change the way a person thinks and behaves from how the person used to. Moreover, right after a brain injury takes place, there are many things to worry about that an individual never had to deal with previously.

Hence, contacting a Brooklyn brain injury lawyer can be beneficial in this tiring and time-consuming recovery phase. The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brooklyn have decades of experience in winning cases that involve minor to major brain injury. They can provide legal backing to make these individuals financially and emotionally compensated.

  • The Initial Steps:

Brain injuries take a physical, psychological, and financial toll on victims and their families. Sometimes, health insurance companies try their best to avoid paying the full amount of insurance, which makes the situation even worse. Fighting with the insurance company becomes extremely difficult without the help of an attorney. Therefore, a brain injury attorney needs to be consulted as soon as possible so that the attorney can begin processing the claim quickly and start working towards financial recovery.

The initial consultation gives the individual an opportunity to explain everything so that the attorney can start investigating the claim and determine various factors to evaluate the claim. After the consultation, the attorney comes into consideration how the claim will move forward.

  • Why Experience Matters?

Since Law is a vast subject, there are different areas of legal practice. A traumatic brain injury attorney is the one who provides legal backing to make the victims and their families financially compensated. However, traumatic brain injuries are most difficult or tricky to present to a jury. It requires an attorney’s experience of many years in handling similar types of claims. Hence, anyone consulting with a brain injury attorney should inquire about the attorney’s experience in the domain and the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

It’s also crucial that the injured person relies upon the attorney throughout the process of legal support. Therefore, the attorney should have a basic knowledge of the injury and he must be confident enough while presenting that claim to a jury. The attorney should also consider that a traumatic brain injury can have long-lasting effects on individuals and their families. For this reason, the attorney should be prepared to handle emotional turmoil.

For people living in Brooklyn, the most important task is to find a Brooklyn brain injury lawyer who truly believes that people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries have the right to be compensated for their injuries.

  • How is the Attorney-Client Relationship?

The attorney-client relationship of a traumatic brain injury case is similar to any other attorney-client relationship. Brain injury lawyers usually maintain a good working relationship with the clients to encourage their progress throughout recovery. The relationship should be very transparent, allowing the clients to discuss any questions they may have. Regular communication regarding the course of treatment is also one of the principal factors.

Throughout the case, brain injury lawyers ensure the clients know every step about how it is progressing. They try to personally meet the client to explain the status and answer any questions that the client may have regarding the individual claim. When each of the parties has a good understanding of what is going on with their case, dealing with further issues becomes possible.

  • Responsibilities of a TBI Lawyer:

The first responsibility of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) lawyer is to collect complete medical information regarding the treatment. It includes collecting all medical files and personally meeting the doctors. Then, the lawyer reads the papers, evaluates the case, and again communicates with the doctors regarding medical documentation.

The next step is to communicate with the injured party’s insurance company and the at-fault insurance company and ensure that the injured gets the maximum settlement possible based on the claim. By accomplishing these responsibilities, a Brooklyn brain injury lawyer processes the claim with promptness and efficiency.

  • 3 Reasons for Consulting a TBI Lawyer:
  1. Mild Brain Injuries Can Take Bigger Form: When an individual suffers from brain injury, the doctors determine its seriousness by investigating signs of life-threatening factors. Whether the patient needs immediate surgery or other life-saving treatments is assessed through multiple tests. Microtrauma is an almost invisible damage, which is often considered a mild brain injury. It can create confusion about the future severity of the injury and lead to disputes with the insurance companies. Because of the complexity of it, contacting a brain injury lawyer helps the individual to claim insurance.
  2. Damages are Hard to Establish: Every brain injury claim is unique and complex. Without help from an experienced TBI lawyer, the monetary value of physical damage due to brain injury can be hard to evaluate by individuals. Only the TBI lawyers know how to calculate a wide range of damages in a TBI lawsuit. Some of these damages include:
  3.          Loss of income
  4.         Loss of earning potential

            iii.        Past medical treatment

  1.     Future Medical Treatment
  2.         Occupational therapy and other rehabilitation services
  3.     Pain and suffering

   vii.                Loss of companionship

  1. Medical Knowledge and Expertise: From mild to massive, all brain injuries need equal importance throughout the phase of treatment. A lawyer with extensive medical knowledge on brain injuries or long experience can change the course of a TBI injury claim. Sometimes, the insurance companies agree to compensate for physical injuries but don’t acknowledge a mild brain trauma. Advanced imaging can identify such brain damages, leading to full compensation from the insurance company.


Insurance companies trying to take advantage of unrepresented TBI victims are nothing new. In such cases, the processes of handling a TBI claim on one’s own and getting a settlement that reflects the true value of the claims get difficult. For all these reasons, consulting a Brooklyn brain injury lawyer can be the most suitable decision. Some of the brain injury lawyers provide free consultation initially to evaluate the cases of victims. Consulting with the best lawyers in town can help the individuals receive the true value of a claim for sure.

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