The Best Reasons Why You Should Embark on a Cleanup Project for Hoarding

Those who know someone with a hoarding issue will also know very well that it can be entirely devastating for that person’s whole family and friends. It’s not easy to live with someone who tends to hoard because the hoard can take over that person’s life with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. It can get so bad that often, the person no longer has a social life, doesn’t go out anymore, and is living in the middle of a veritable hell on earth. It has become a bit of an epidemic, and a hoarder’s home can become a minefield of pests and rodents, viruses and bacteria, and other hazards to people’s health. If you know someone who has been hoarding for a while and would like to help, here are the best reasons you should embark on a cleanup project for hoarding today.

  • Enhance relationships

Anyone living with someone who hoards will not have an easy time of it, and hoarders are often ostracized and shunned for collecting massive piles of what could only be called junk. But when someone with a hoarding issue begins cooperating with a hoarding cleaning project, their relationships with their families and friends can be restored. Neighbors, for instance, will no longer be likely to call in the authorities and may be more encouraged to visit the person. Family members will also be more likely to visit more often since the home is no longer cluttered and potentially dangerous.

  • Improve concentration

Everyone can agree that an environment full of clutter can lead to a chaotic mind. Hoarding doesn’t help with anyone’s concentration at all because they are surrounded by clutter and junk. In fact, according to neuroscientists, clutter can restrict the ability of a person to achieve focus and concentration. But if you seek help from a hoarding cleaning service that understands the issue and will tackle the job with empathy and efficiency, the home can become livable again.  When the home is no longer cluttered and is already organized and spic and span, the person with the hoarding condition can recover their lost ability to concentrate and focus their energies on doing something positive for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Less chance of eviction

It’s a fact in many states and communities: homes are supposed to meet specific standards in terms of safety and appearance, and a house full of junk and trash may cause the hoarder to be evicted or be threatened with eviction. Those with a hoarding issue may also have to face fines and perhaps even spend time in jail – but once they have tidied up their home, the threat of eviction will vanish.

On a related note, those with pets are more likely to retain their pets once their homes are clean and cleared out from the junk. The hoarding of items is also closely associated with the hoarding of animals, where individuals keep dozens of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals in their homes. Needless to say, this is against the law in many areas. Once a hoarder of animals declutters, they may be given the option to keep a few of their beloved animals as well.

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