Travel Tips for a Pocket-Friendly Trip to International Festivals

Travelling is one thing that makes everyone happy. A trip to a new place with friends, family, or just alone can prove to be essentially refreshing and inspirational. The pandemic, however, has posed limitations on travelling. Still, what’s wrong with planning for a refreshing trip when everything will be okay, and the virus will no longer be there to catch us?

The best part about travelling is visiting new places, learning about new cultures, and meeting new people. Even exploring international festivals is a great way to get to know people from all around the world. More so, such festivals are often designed to bring together people from everywhere, irrespective of their caste or culture.

If you are reading this blog, we can assume that you are planning a trip to any of such international festivals in the near future. However, apart from making it a pocket-friendly one, it is prudent to adhere to safety guidelines when travelling. Also, a travel medical insurance plan from a reputed insurer like Tata AIG can keep every hassle related to the trip and your health at bay!

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Travel to an International Festival

If you wish to go on a budget-friendly trip to an international festival, you need to spend cautiously on everything related to the trip. Accordingly, you will need to book your flights, stay, local trips, food, etc. Apart from getting yourself an adequate medical travel insurance plan, here are a few more tips to ensure that you have a budget-friendly experience –

  1. Set a daily budget: Set a daily budget and split your funds accordingly. You can also do that effectively with the help of several apps where they will notify you once you cross your daily budget limit. It’s better to not spend too much on shopping and rather spend the money enjoying the festival.
  2. Book your trip in advance: We all know that the earlier we book a trip, the more affordable it will be. Similarly, it’s always better to plan the itinerary and make the bookings in advance. Do not think that the prices may drop in the future and then you will book your tickets as it may never happen. Instead, book your flights and hotels as early as possible to avail the best deals.
  3. Make the bookings online: Online hotel and flight bookings are generally cheaper. This is because you can avail yourself of several deals and discounts when making your payments online. Also, it’s a lot easier and hassle-free than going to an office to make the bookings. However, do not forget to compare the hotel and flight prices to find the lowest price available.
  4. Carry emergency money: It is advisable to carry emergency funds while travelling to an international destination. You can also overestimate your budget and carry some extra money to avoid any uncertainties that may arise during your stay there. Besides, if you have valid travel medical insurance in place, you will be covered against any unforeseen medical expenses.
  5. Buy the best cashless travel insurance: Travelling to a new destination means fun, and you will naturally be carefree. However, what if certain unwanted things happen during your stay there? What if you fall sick? What if your money gets stolen? You cannot afford to go out of money on foreign land. Hence, it’s better to get your trip insured, and a medical travel insurance plan can safeguard you against similar monetary hazards.

Now that you have the tips for creating a pocket-friendly itinerary for an international festival, let’s find out why a travel insurance policy is a sensible choice to make at this point.

Why is a Travel Insurance with Medical Plan Necessary?

If you are fond of travelling, you’d know that any trip can bring along several circumstances where you may feel totally at a loss in terms of health or otherwise. For example, you may end up losing your passport, your luggage may get stuck in transit, or you may fall sick in a foreign land. Hence, to be safe and ensure that you have a solid financial backup no matter where you are.

A medical travel insurance plan can be beneficial in this regard. There are several cashless travel insurance plans available online where you will only need to pay a very small amount as a premium. And you can always claim a travel insurance plan from the place you are travelling to and instantly get the sum insured in your bank account.

However, before you opt for travel insurance with medical, you should always research well about the options at hand. Always choose an insurance provider who has a good claim settlement ratio. Also, make sure that you calculate the premium costs with an online premium calculator to be exactly sure about the premium you’d have to pay for the policy.


Travelling to be a part of an international festival sounds like a lot of fun. However, spending a huge amount of money on a trip can burn a hole in your pockets! Therefore, keeping in mind all the tips mentioned above can help you enjoy your trip more, and you will also be able to save money. Happy travelling!

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